Laboratory Testing Services

Compression Testing

maintains a professionally staffed and fully equipped testing laboratory. This department is dedicated to the sampling, testing, and analysis of construction materials to assure compliance with specifications in terms of the quality of materials supplied and methods of installation.

The laboratory as well as its technical staff are fully licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the facility and equipment are periodically inspected by the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) to assure maintenance of standards . Testing procedures follow appropriate ASTM guidelines and practices, and equipment is continuously upgraded to meet current standards.

's laboratory has the capabilities to provide the full range of testing services required to meet any projectís quality assurance program, including the following:

Begun as an adjunct to the firmís design department, 's laboratory has grown to be a recognized provider of quality control services to municipal, state, federal and private owners as well as to architects and engineers who are conscious of the need for professional monitoring of the construction process.