Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering

All civil engineering and building projects bear on the earth’s surface and proper evaluation of subsurface conditions is key to the stability and success of these projects.

offers a broad range of services in the field of geotechnical exploration and foundation engineering. With the support of its in-house materials laboratory facilities, 's engineers have the ability to sample and analyze soils to determine site conditions and apply data to the design of all types of foundation systems and materials.

Structural Foundation Repair

's staff has extensive applied experience in the following areas of foundation design and geotechnical engineering:


also offers certified soils evaluator services as required by Title V of the Massachusetts State Sanitary Code for percolation testing.

In addition to engineering design, also offers the following support services.

  • Test borings, corings and test pits
  • Forensic evaluation of failed foundations
  • Soils classifications and geologic formation evaluation
  • Building materials evaluation reports